Sunday, October 9, 2011

Word Picture

Sex and the City is one of my favorite TV shows that eventually turned into a successful movie.  Sex and the City TV show is about four women living in Manhattan, New York looking for love and to reach their dream. This show is an inspiration to many women in the world. This show shows how women do not have it easy. Each character is the type some girl could relate to, and there are not many shows like this. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda challenge the “norm” of society, they want to be independent. The show goes into what women might go through on a daily basis, either of love, work, or friendship. I think it is an important show; it helps other women see and understand each other. Some people might disagree saying the show is inappropriate; women shouldn’t be sleeping with any guy they meet, etc. It is a double standard that they are implying, why should it be okay for men to do that and not women. When women want to sleep with someone, they are considered “sluts” or “trashy”, when in reality men do the same, just that they don’t get judge for it.  So these episodes come to show its okay for women to experiment and not feel bad about it. Not just about sex though, it is also an empowerment for women. For example, Samantha Jones is one of the biggest publicists in New York, and even has her own company. Miranda is a successful lawyer, and works in one of the biggest law firms. They both worked hard and their aspirations became reality.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


After reading the poem "It’s a woman's world" by Eavan Boland, i realized it was about empowering women to not be afraid of their success. Women are constantly put down because they are either working or not working. Many people do not realize this happens on a daily basis, and has happened in the past. Women were always on the sidelines, line 27-28, they were never there to witness the “crime” meaning they were never asked for their opinion. Boland used reverse-psychology in this poem to push women to a better life. This poem could be seen in many ways. I see it as an encouragement for women to stand up for themselves. Still, there are things that I do not fully understand, for example stanza 10. “ And it’s still the same: By night our windows moth our children to the flame” at first I thought it meant mothers always taking care of their children always protecting them from bad things. Although I read this stanza more than once I am having doubts. I do not really understand what Boland means by “ moth our children.”

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Connection to Stanza 10

" And it's still the same:
By night our windows 
moth our children
to the flame" 

This stanza to me meant that women always took care of their children, that was there role as a women in history. In the past women were not seen as individuals, they were always on the sideline. These pictures represent the roles women life by. Always protecting their children no matter what. 

Letter to Eavan Boland

Dear Eavan Boland,

          Your poem “It’s a Woman’s World” is powerful. I think it’s good that someone expresses what women go through on a daily basis. Women have always been judge for working, people saying that their job is to be home with the children and care for their husband. Always being on the sideline, and it’s time for a change. They are tired of not being recognized as individuals. In stanza three, I think it’s about women that should live their lives reaching for the best, and not to stand in the sidelines. Women should step up in the world, and this poem is encouraging them. For example stanza 6, “by what we never will be: star-gazers, fire-eaters. It’s our alibi” you are saying that women will never be this, but in the encouraging way. It’s using reverse-psychology, to help push women to prove her wrong. I love this poem because it’s a poem that pushes women to not be afraid of succeeding. Why is it that women are so afraid of their own success? We always over analyze things and make it hard to believe in ourselves. Throughout history, slowly but surely things have changed, although not completely. There are more women stepping up, and not taking easy path. This is truly an inspiration.



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Elements ( and Pleasures) of Difficulty Questions pg 17

1.There are so many different kind of poetry, but some that i could think of on top of my head are the sonnets,  and haiku. These particular methods of poetry require certain criteria to make them what they are. To me , poetry is an art . Sometimes it is difficult to understand, but when you do, it opens your eyes to something new. Just like any sort of art, painting, sculpture, etc. Poetry is a way to express yourself. If i were to explain to my friend what poetry was i would most likely say, i'm learning different ways  people use to express their feelings and thoughts.

2.I have to agree that poetry is popular, experiencing it personally. Although I always had trouble understanding poetry.I found it difficult to break down each line, because writers used a lot of metaphors, personifications, etc. In  high school, poetry was something you had to study in your English class. I think it all depends on the person, if the person is interested in poetry it will be a popular for them. If it is difficult for you, then you will try to avoid it.

3. Maybe, the first time i read poetry was in elementary school. Honestly i do not remember the name of the poem. All i could remember was that there was a lot rhymes. It was fun to read, and now when i read poetry i constantly remember that time and in a way helps me remember that poetry is fun.

4.In high school while reading poetry, my teachers constantly reminded us to read the poem more than once. That was one of the most common advice given to me throughout my high school years.Also breaking down each line and having an open mind with poetry. My teacher once said to look outside the box with each line, and read between the lines. 

5.Honestly, i haven't really learned about poetry outside of class. But i have talked to my friends and they shared the different methods they use to understand poetry. For example one of my friends researches the poet, depending on the time it was written helps her understand the language better.

6.The only time i wrote poetry was in class. One poem i remember in particular was during my senior year, my A.P, Lit teacher assigned us to write a sonnet. Sonnets are difficult to write because of the structure it requires.I shared it with my teacher and my classmates. My teacher and classmates agreed that my poem lived up to the standards of what a sonnet has to be. Reading and writing poetry is different because when you are reading you are trying to figure out what poet if trying to express. Writing poetry is about what you feel and what your thoughts are.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


New to the blogging world. My name is Elizabeth but i like to go by Lisa. I just started college at CSUN, and so far i love it. I am living on campus, and is a big transition from home. I'm on my own, and  i am enjoying it.